Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 45, Magical. El Chaltén, Pt. III

(Monday, the 22nd of February, 2016) Picture heavy.
The weatherman promised good weather this day, the only day forecasted as clear. Although it really didn't look great at 7:30 am, pretty grey and cloudy.  We pressed onward though, and we got some great views later in the day. This trail was by far the most breathtaking, it's a lot more open that yesterday's trail and we got great views of the valley where El Chaltén is and of the famous Fitzroy range. We crossed glacier fed rivers, forest and plains and had a great time. We decided not to do the last kilometer on this path and we had lunch instead. This time, the trek back was a lot easier, more downhill. My feet were wrecked when we got back, 38 km in two days was super tough. We had dinner and then had to say goodbye to Susie and Martina who were taking a bus that night to Bariloche. All in all, a great day. I had a bus leaving quite early in the morning back to El Calafate so I was asleep pretty early tonight as well.

I loved my time in El Chaltén, and I would definitely go back. There are plenty more trails to do other than the three I did and some good long trails for camping as well. The hostel I stayed at, Rancho Grande, was great and it was in a great location. All in all I would highly recommend El Chaltén to begginers and experienced hikers alike. This place is going on my list of places to return to someday.

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